Due to certain compliance restrictions, we cannot provide services or accept transfers from certain nationals including and not limited to nationals of : Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria.

The available services can be extended to any range from prepaid virtual debit cards from zero to two thousand us dollars, as well as re-loadable cards. Wire transfers and bill payments (onetime) -with invoices provided,  amazon or eBay purchasing, PayPal, Skrill or other payments provisions. e-tickets or other purchases on demand.

With any transaction,  an email, phone number and ID verification will be necessary, no exclusions.
So the invoice will be issued to your email for verification, and a transaction confirmation to your phone and a whatsapp confirmation code or chat.
If you cannot communicate or verify all the above please do not start any request.

In most cases, we advise we handle your payments and verify and ensure your receipts. But in case you purchase or require virtual prepaid cards, then you are aware as all bank issued cards of the risks.
We can not track or restore or secure anything after you receive your card numbers and use it.
Your card numbers are worth real cash, and once you use them online, you are fully responsible.

We guarantee 100% approval on US based merchant websites, but we cannot approve or support other websites, consult YOUR MERCHANT before purchasing about prepaid cards.
Virtual cards are guaranteed to work on all websites that has visa and master card logo except certain offshore Forex or gambling or adult websites.

General fees are covered within a 10% umbrella range. The same 10% will cover your western union fees, prepaid card activation fees, transfers and any other necessary fees without any nontraditional or extra fees.

So when you need to cover an X payment you need to deposit X+10% to western union agent, however any fees necessary will be taken out from those payments.


Prior to sending a payment, feel free to request a quote as payment and virtual cards service are non-refundable.

You can also WhatsApp us on PST Timezone ( Seattle Timezone ) 8 am – 5 pm on +1-253-289-4368

This service is provided by GAMING DOT ME LLC, in accordance to WASHINGTON STATE LAWS and compliance.
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