750ct Claysmith Gaming Showdown Chip Set in Mahogany




Show ‘Em Up with Showdown

Your source for casino-grade poker chips with a nod to the Vegas of yesteryear, Claysmith Gaming has added three new chips to its roster. Say hello to our 3-color mold Showdown poker chips. Each Showdown chip is pressed with a handsome Sword & Spade mold and features Two-tone Block edge spots with a clean and regal inlay. Made with the same quality clay composite as other Claysmith chips like The Mint and Bluff Canyon, each Showdown chip weighs a heavy and substantial 13.5 grams and feels great to shuffle and stack.

This set of 750 Showdown chips comes packed in a glossy mahogany case lined with soft black felt in the sides and bottom. It includes a removable tray, which reveals a bottom tray that holds chips as well as two free decks of playing cards and a ceramic dealer button.

Set Breakout:

— 100 $1 White– 150 $5 Red– 100 $10 Blue– 150 $25 Forest Green– 100 $100 Black– 50 $500 Purple– 50 $1,000 Yellow– 25 $5,000 Pink– 25 $25,000 Brown