PH focuses on developing and maintaining a diverse portfolio of services. Through our companies and our client-focused strategy, we are proud to say that we are an added value to the digital market nationally and worldwide.

We question assumptions, think deeply & create solutions; simply we do our utmost to build the best service possible that facilitate the future.
Putting people first, that is our goal and only then we strive to make financial intelligence pay off.

Weekly Events

Our humble yet astonishing events take place every week, Wednesday til Sunday. Junction5 & AtWork are the best examples.

Management Services

Have you got a startup or looking to build on, have you got a running business in nightlife, we can help you bring that up a notch.

Industry Suppliers

Yes, we got that covered too, when we mention cost control of course we also provide the best reliable suppliers and event coordinators.

Bachelor Parties

What a thrill, we organize the event and the shows. Champagne shows and parades, dancers and all, but wait .. you get your friends.

Birthday Parties

What else for that special day, let us worry for you and let us organize that day. Its your day and has to be stress free.

Cost Control

Why stop at events and management when we can also and did invent our first leading SKDV software for that purpose ONLY!

Atwork has been our sarcastic yet successful approach to nightlife, it was the first project by uTurnEntertainment and has been the destination for people to stay happy At Work