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Online Meals & Recipe (Meal Kit) Ordering & Delivery Portal.

How it works?

H.A.S!Meals is

Customizable As Per Your Requirements

From frontend design to backend functionalities, Yo!Meals script is completely customizable to enable your gourmet meals delivery website have a unique standing in the market. The system is also open to any kind of 3rd party module integration.

Responsive to Fit Every Screen

The responsive layout of H.A.S!Meals script is being designed with utmost care to ensure that meal delivery businesses powered by it run flawlessly across all screen sizes and deliver a rich user experience, irrespective of the device being used.

Got any unique requirements for your meal delivery portal?

Along with online food & meal-kit delivery sectors, chef-crafted meal delivery sector will also experience immense growth in the coming years.

Meals & Recipe Delivery Business – Revenue Model

Multiple revenue channels can help you increase the profit margins of your online chef-crafted meal delivery business.




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Features to Thrive in the Online Gourmet Meal Delivery Industry

H.A.S! Meals is being built after a thorough analysis of the websites of leading industry players. We have incorporated unique and innovative features of most successful meal delivery businesses in H.A.S! Meals to ensure our clients success.

Location Based Search
Social Media Sharing
Reviews & Ratings
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Apps For Smooth Mobile Ordering

Along with a responsive system, we are also working on H.A.S! Meals mobile apps for Android & iOS devices to further simplify the mobile ordering for foodies. The apps will be launched soon after the system’s launch.

H.A.S!Meals Assurance!Your Meals Delivery Platform is…


From handling thousands of concurrent users & orders on the platform to rectifying erroneous inputs from users – H.A.S! Meals system is being built to take care of the common issues proactively to ensure everything on your website works smoothly.


The default theme of H.A.S!Meals is being designed carefully to keep foodies enticed & engaged with your platform. The visually appealing & smartly architected frontend UI will give your meal & recipe delivery business a unique look without the need of any customization.


From searching & exploring meals to ordering them, H.A.S! Meals’ robust & intuitive platform makes everything easy for users. In the similar fashion, the intuitive backend UI offers easy website management to the admin.

You will be able to expand your meals delivery business as per your requirements as H.A.S! Meals is going to be fully customizable and scalable. Let’s discuss your requirements if you are planning to launch a meals delivery website?