Launch A Marketplace For Service Seekers And Professionals

H.A.S!Gigs is a highly efficient solution if you are planning to start a services marketplace.

H.A.S! Gigs-Future Of Service Marketplaces

Time is the most valuable commodity nowadays, and nothing proves this widely accepted fact than growing popularity of platforms to hire everyday help. The growth of service marketplaces however was being halted by huge design and development cost of such websites. We solved this problem for entrepreneurs with H.A.S! Gigs, a turnkey solution to launch advanced service marketplaces.

Service Seekers

This group brings the money to the marketplace by hiring service providers to get their work done.

Service Providers

These are experienced professionals that offer their skill and time in exchange of monetary reward.

Marketplace Owner

All the profits made in the form of service fee and website ads belong to website owners. That means you.

“Service marketplaces will play a huge role in redefining online economy”

Connect service seekers with taskers and earn big

How Service Based Marketplaces Work?

From house help to web design, assistance can be sought for any kind of service on service marketplaces. The simple business model of hiring professionals and paying a small fee that includes service charge is generating huge profits. Check out the simple graphic to understand how such help-hiring websites work and generate benefits for all!

Services Marketplace Features

Simplify communication between taskers and seekers

Exchanging emails cannot match the ease of personal interactions through chat. This is the reason why we added sturdy chat functionality in H.A.S!Gigs. Start your services marketplace with the advantage of instant communication, and make conversations easy for taskers and seekers.

Help seekers hire better with reviews

Choosing a service provider can be a challenge without reviews and ratings. That’s why our team of developers made provision of rating taskers on the basis of work quality and delivery. It is one of the many H.A.S!Gigs features that make the service marketplace builder highly transparent.

Make bid management hassle-free

Both taskers and service seekers have to post and reply to bids. This can turn out to be a tiring task in the absence of smart bid management functionality. We realized this, and thus integrated easy to use bid management features. Take our word, users will thank you for this.

Easy and secure payments with Wallet

Securing online transactions is a necessity for ambitions service marketplaces. H.A.S!Gigs handles the challenge well by using Wallet with enhanced security. Our turnkey solution ensures that seekers feel safe and don’t hesitate before making payments.

Launch your services based marketplace with H.A.S!Gigs

Aesthetically Designed Front End

Build an intuitive and mobile optimized service marketplace

H.A.S!Gigs Based Marketplaces Are Super Easy To Manage

With hundreds of tasks listed under multiple categories, it becomes difficult to keep a watch on them. That’s why we integrated state-of-the-art task management feature in H.A.S!Gigs. Check tasks from list, search tasks, view by categories, and do a lot more within few clicks.

As service marketplaces grow, coupon management becomes exhausting. This doesn’t happen with H.A.S!Gigs driven websites. We have simplified coupon addition, editing, and other technicalities so that you can focus on growing your services marketplace.

Managing thousands of users and retrieving information could be a hassle. Hence, we integrated highly sophisticated user management functionality to H.A.S!Gigs script. Search users, approve taskers, manage account requests, and do a lot more from one place.

To get the best taskers on your platform, you need a filtering system. A detailed quiz with variety of questions is the perfect solution. H.A.S!Gigs has added a dedicated section for adding, updating and managing questions to get members as per market needs.

Data related to monetary transactions plays a crucial role in strategic decision making. Keeping the same in mind, we integrated solid money management feature in H.A.S!Gigs. Besides credit and earnings related info, it also helps in managing withdrawal requests.

Taskers and registered users need to be notified through emails about new tasks, bids, and fund withdrawal. H.A.S!Gigs makes it easy to customize email templates to create personalized mailers. You will be amazed how easy it is to make template changes.

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Ready to start your marketplace of freelancers and helpers?

Possibilities Are Endless With H.A.S!Gigs

Social Media Login

Everyone is already present on social media platforms. So, we made provision of social logins in H.A.S!Gigs. This will get your marketplace more registered users and future transactions.

Smart Notifications

We spent a good amount of time in making sure that notifications don’t become an irritation. Build service marketplace on H.A.S!Gigs script and benefit from smart notifications.

Google Map Functionality

For some taskers, local jobs matter the most. To make the process of location based task discovery easy, we have powered the H.A.S!Gigs platform with map location feature.

Social Media Sharing

We want maximum business and coverage for service portals built on H.A.S!Gigs. Our developers optimized H.A.S!Gigs for media social sharing to get the same benefit.