Start your city deals business with H.A.S!Deals System

Because concept of group buying has evolved into something bigger, GamingTechnologies created a product that meets the current market needs. H.A.S Deals is the technology which entrepreneurs across the world are using to launch advanced multivendor stores that can sell city deals as well as discounted products.

H.A.S Deals is flexible, secure, and comes with unique features. You need to experience the advanced local deals system to believe it.

Start an advanced deals systemwhich can sell products too.

Everyone wins with H.A.S!Deals


Result of extensive research and analysis, H.A.S Deals brings vast range of features meticulously crafted by experienced team of designers and developers. The modern group buying portal generates humongous benefits for stakeholders. Here are the ones that derive maximum benefit:

Portal Owner

He owns the city deals system, makes profits by selling products, and also earns commissions from merchants. In addition to fixed profit percentage for every sale, portal owner also makes revenue from ads.


Also known as sellers, this group offers products & deals at discounts. Higher sales, new customers, and branding advantages make group buying clones luring to merchants.


Who doesn’t like quality products at great discounts? Shoppers get the value for their money on local deals portals, and thus favor them over regular online stores.

Mighty features of H.A.S!Deals

Launched as a group buying system, YoDeals today works as a full-fledged multivendor portal that helps website owners sell vast range of products, travel offers, and discount deals through merchants. Highly scalable in nature, it packs fascinating features that make it the best turnkey solution available in the market to sell deals, getaways (Only V4) & products simultaneously. Check out the amazing features:


Travel is one of the fastest growing industries, and H.A.S!Deals empowers you to profit from it. Sell weekend getaways and family vacations to earn big commissions with our powerful booking functionality that handles every booking detail on the website itself. Go for Version 4 to benefit from this feature and multiple portal earnings.

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Deals Management

People love discount deals and offers but managing them can be headache for website owner. H.A.S!Deals handles this issue with powerful deals management features that simplifies addition, editing, and deletion of deals. The city deals system also handles tasks related to upcoming, cancelled, and rejected deals with ease.

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Responsive Platform

Smartphones and tablets have become the favorite devices to browse internet and shop online. This is the reason why we made H.A.S!Deals responsive. This means your group buying clone will not only generate sales from desktops but also make profits from mobile devices.

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Merchant Management

Merchants are critical for deals driven platforms as well as multivendor stores. Hence, H.A.S!Deals packs powerful features to keep track of merchant location, status, account and other critical details. Launch your group buying clone with H.A.S!Deals to simplify complicated merchant management tasks.

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Product Management

Managing thousands of products can be a herculean task but not with H.A.S!Deals. Our multivendor technology relieves you from the trouble of managing products by empowering merchants to handle the task on their own. The local deals portals powered by H.A.S!Deals are easier to manage and scale.

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H.A.S!Deals-Local deals system features

Multivendor store & deals portal are completely unique platforms, and have their unique share of features. H.A.SDeals carries the best features of both, and thus has been able to distinguish itself from other group buying solutions. Check out some distinguishing features present in H.A.S Deals:

Easy Voucher Redemption

Simplifying voucher redemption process is critical to enhance experience of shoppers. Therefore, we fitted H.A.S Deals with redemption features that make the whole process super simple.

Secure Payment

Ensuring secure payments is top priority for the makers of H.A.S Deals. Hence, we took additional care while integrating payment gateways and also raised the bar of data security.

Simplified Accounting

Unlike other group buying clones, H.A.S Deals has been integrated with powerful accounting features to help website admin track profit, expenses and other monetary aspects with ease.

With H.A.S!Deals Buyer Mobile App Reach Out To New Markets and Audience

H.A.S!Deals – Online Deals Marketplace solution comes with ready to launch android and iOS mobile application. Both mobile application are designed and equipped with all essential features to make buying deals an enjoyable experience.

Launch your Online Deals Marketplace with H.A.S! Deals Mobile App

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