Certify you online gaming activity with the proper jurisdiction

What is it for ?

A gaming license is necessary for any online gambling enterprise if its operator wants to run the business legally and offer their players the best games. It is also necessary for opening a merchant account for your venture. Read about opening merchant and processing accounts.We offer Curacao and Maltese licenses for online businesses, since these two are the most popular options to date. Both these licenses have their advantages. However, changes constantly occur in gaming legislation, so we compiled the information on legislation in different countries. Read about it in this section.

Curacao license

The Curacao license is a perfect balance between the cost and quality. It takes only 2 weeks to obtain it, it is economical, and you can operate any gambling business under one license. Note, if you want to open your own casino, you may not worry about the license at all: our White label platform solution lets you operate under our license.

Maltese license

Maltese license is expensive but very prestigious. There are 4 types of Maltese licenses, each necessary for conducting a particular type of gambling activities: Class 1 – for casino games, skill games and lotteries, Class 2 – for betting, Class 3 – for peer betting and betting exchanges and Class 4 – for software vendors.

There are also other options, which are described in detail in this section. Read about legislation in different countries and ask our experts if you have questions or would like to obtain a license.

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