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We offer development of completely configured software intended to meet customers’ unique needs. Our skilled team knows the game of business, and they deliver customized solutions that match the specified requirements while consistently staying within intended time-frame and budget limits.

Along with full-cycle custom software development, we provide software maintenance and platform-based customization.

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GAMINGDOTME Graphics specializes in Packaging Design, Website and Mobile, Corporate Identity, and Social Media Solutions, all with a multitude of options to suit your needs. Our design experience and budget options are reasonable on any scale, we pride ourselves in offering the best quality services to both large companies and small-scale companies alike.

We work with you, collaborating to deliver the most comprehensive and aesthetically appealing designs. Facilitating businesses to build stronger brands, becoming a leader in their desired market.

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Our technical support engineers are all experts in their respective fields so you only get the very best service.

– Anti-virus protection

– Data backup solutions

– Software installation

– Data recovery and restoration

– Technology Consulting

– Networking Solutions

– Storage and Backup

– Anti-virus and Security

– Remote Assistance

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In e-commerce development, our company offers intelligent solutions to online businesses worldwide. Our portfolio comprises complex projects with a diverse number of SKUs. We provide strong support to newly created online stores.

Working closely with marketing and product managers, we help our clients efficiently manage complex products and promote sales effectively.

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Our Gaming and Gift cards Service was created to provide an excellent product to our customers quickly, securely, without difficulties and worries.

We utilize cutting-edge technologies so that you can quickly and easily receive your PlayStation Network Cards, Xbox Cards, and Nintendo Cards while you are still playing your games. As we offer numerous other Game Gift Cards and Gift Codes including iTunes Gift Cards,  Google Play Gift Cards, Skype, Amazon, Skype, Ultimate Gaming Cards, and many more!

Through API integration, our system can match any type of business you have whether you wish to sell through POS, Website, Mobile application or on your Computer.

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GAMINGDOTME provides statistical information on basketball, tennis tournaments, soccer, Formula One, and on all sports’ events running. We deliver data to fans, teams, media, and other data users all over the world through API (Application Programming Interface) to any mobile or web platform.

We currently gathered all API’s proceeds to provide you with the most updated data collection that suits specific clients’ needs regarding matches’ statistics (such as speed, distance, drives, paint touches and defensive impact) based on its unique technology for machine understanding of sports for a full comprehensive analysis of players and teams.

GAMINGDOTME aims to be an official provider of real-time matches’ statistics.